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Fanmix - Looking For Alibrandi
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at December 18th, 2006 (03:40 pm)
current song: Hamish and Andy Podcast

- Looking For Alibrandi - fanmix -

8 Josh Groban icons
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at September 22nd, 2006 (10:31 am)
current song: Corpus Christi Carol - Jeff Buckley

Probably not worth a whole post, however, here are eight new Josh Groban icons :D

Fairly Odd Parents, Strictly Ballroom & Josh Groban Icons! =D
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)

Thats right, another update! =D

1-9  - Fairly Odd Parents
10 - 17 - Strictly Ballroom
18 - 22 - Josh Groban

2 wallpapers: 1 Bazmark logo manipulation and 1 Rachel McAdams


- - -

so have a look:

hooray! icons!
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at September 3rd, 2006 (10:06 am)
current mood: artistic
current song: when you say you love me - josh groban

Some cheese-tastic JG icons
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at June 23rd, 2006 (04:04 pm)

current mood: worried
current song: God put a smile on your face - coldplay

Hey everyone! Its June/July holidays once again, and so hopefully I'll have some time to make some more icons for y'all. But for now... New JG icons!

icon rampage! ...... 15 =D
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at June 5th, 2006 (08:29 pm)
current mood: creative
current song: none :(

10 x Hugh Jackman
5 x Josh Groban


a few icons I've prepared earlier...
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at April 30th, 2006 (06:20 pm)

current song: 'jump around' - planetshakers

Some more icons that I'd made earlier on;

1 - Hillsong united lyrics
2 - random verses
1 - switchfoot lyrics
1 - other random :D

1. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 4 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 5 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

first entry :D
by Ell :D (searchforpurity)
at April 22nd, 2006 (08:57 pm)
current song: daisy - switchfoot

hi there

this is searchforpurity 's icon journal :D. I ensure you that I have little to no artistic talent and making pretty things with photoshop is really just a hobby for me... But do have a look anyway.

These are just some text icons and a few chlex (ala smallville) banner things :D

2 Relient K lyrics
2 Reuben Morgan lyrics
2 U2 lyrics
2 others

6 chlex banners :D


And here are a few I prepared earlier...Collapse )

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